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Professor Sabine Lee and Professor Heide Glaesmer Write for Ethik und Militär

Professor Sabine Lee and Professor Heide Glaesmer have published an article called ‘Forgotten: Children Born of War’ in the bilingual journal Ethik und Militär (Ethics and Armed Forces). This hybrid work gives an overview of the different psychological, social and economic harms that have historically affected Children Born of War (CBOW) in different conflicts, and the way past legislation has neglected this vulnerable war-affected group. It highlights current problems with governmental and international policy programming which fails to address the needs of CBOW, and processes of transitional justice which exclude input from CBOW. As noted by Lee and Glaesmer, such circumstances lead to the “marginalisation and exclusion of the very people on whom sustainable peace could rest and adds to the fragility of post-conflict societies”. Please click here to read the full article and their policy recommendations.

For the German language version of this paper, please click here.


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