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Long-term experiences and psychosocial well-being of Children Born of War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Since the outbreak of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992, Amra has been involved in humanitarian and trauma work as a coordinator of many international psychosocial, training and research projects. She has over 15 years of clinical work experience at the Department for Psychiatry of the University Clinical Center Tuzla and Mental Health Centre Tuzla.


Amra (M.D., M.Sc.) is a specialist in neuropsychiatry with CME in psychiatry. Her Master’s thesis examined the quality of life and longterm psychological consequences in women with experience of war rape in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has studied psychotherapy (Group Analysis), EMDR and Client Centered Therapy, and attended numerous international Trauma Psychology courses. In 2009 she was also trained in Violence Prevention and Learning Techniques (ToT) by the World Health Organization.


In March 2015 Amra was won the Gender Equality Award 2014 from the Gender Equality Commission of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H, because of her outstanding achievements in gender equality, and empowerment of women survivors of sexual violence in war and breaking the conspiracy of silence attached to war rape.


ESR returns from secondment in Tel Aviv / December 2017

CHIBOW researcher takes part in debate on "Trauma of War Rape and Forgiveness - Children Born of War" / December 2016

CHIBOW researcher takes part in important book launch & reading  / July 2016

CHIBOW researcher presented at the Interdisciplinary Classroom “The Politics of Memory: A battle for the territory of collective memory”, Zenica, Bosnia and HerzegovinaApril 2016

CHIBOW researcher attended a two-day CME Medical Upgrade Course on Medical Writing headed by Prof. Dr. Livia Piljak, in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina / October 2016

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