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While GBV (Gender Based Violence), particularly in wars and post-conflict situations, has found some academic and public interest - tackled as a legal, political, social, and economic issue within post-conflict-development and local regional and national healing and reconstruction processes - the issue of Children Born of War has largely been ignored, with very few existing studies having been conducted in isolation of narrow disciplinary framework.


This narrow sectoral approach has hindered the communication of research results for the purpose of creating development tools. One particular concern with respect to intersectoral co-operation is the lack of ability and/or experience of many academics to translate their research into policy-relevant writing.



To counteract these limitations the Children Born of War project has trained a cohort of young scientists with the necessary breadth and depth of experience, combined with research excellence and an array of transferable skills, to work and communicate effectively across disciplinary and sectoral boundaries. In particular, the project has provided them with the skills necessary to convert research outcomes into policy-relevant strategies that can be implemented in order to positively affect the lived experiences of war-affected children. 


Collaboration with non-academic partners has broadened the trainees’ horizon and allowed them to encounter direct applications of their research 

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Communication and public engagement activities form a significant part of the network trainees’ activities.

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