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Impact on Research

CHIBOW will create a research culture conducive to interdisciplinary and intersectoral progress and development, primarily by fostering a highly unusual but much needed environment for supradisciplinary and cross-sectoral research training. It extends this approach to equipping trainees with the skills required to communicate research results to all stakeholders in a media-driven society. Its training vision is to develop a cohort of young scientists with the necessary depth and breadth of experience, combined with the research and transferable skills required to communicate and work effectively across disciplinary and sectoral boundaries.






Collaboration with non-academic partners will broaden the trainees’ horizon and will allow them to encounter direct applications of their research (ICON, FAPAD, HHI, CCVS, IR) as well as developing their ideas in close proximity to organisations already actively pursuing the development of sustainable solutions in the field. 

Through inclusion of partner organisations whose remit is to inform, educate and entertain (BBC, IR, INTP) dissemination of ideas and outreach well beyond academia is written into the fabric of CHIBOW. Private sector expertise and input from non-academic partner organisations will play a significant role in developing dissemination and outreach strategies aimed at wider audiences. 

Case Studies

Lukas_uganda 2.jpg

Investigating children’s rights violations in Northern Uganda

Article by Lukas Schretter


Article on post-traumatic growth in prestigious international psychology journal 

Article by Saskia Mitreuter


“Ethical Turn” in Polish Oral History

Article by Jakub Gałęziowski


Impact case study on the 'Remembering Upper Silesia' research project 

Article by Lisa Haberkern

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