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Our Research Focus


Having initially delivered CBOW research through four distinct work streams around:

Research has since developed along interdisciplinary lines foregrounding in particular the intersection of arts, social sciences and psychology. As a result, disciplinary and interdisciplinary research methodology and ethics have become a significant area of engagement as more narrowly defined disciplinary work. Some of this work will feature in the edited collection the core group of researchers are preparing to showcase their doctoral work.

  • historical experiences;

  • conflict and memory;

  • education and citizenship;

  • reintegration into post-conflict communities;


Children Born of War

Concurrently with the completion of the doctoral research projects, CHIBOW researchers, their supervisors and third-sector partners have been working together with numerous children born of war, both in participatory research activities and in outreach, non-academic dissemination, raising of public awareness as well as humanitarian and artistic projects arising from the research. This has led not only to fruitful collaborations between ESRs and CBOW, but it has also supported the networking of different generations and national groups of CBOWs as part of these activities

Peacekeeper Fathered Children

One group of CBOW, that had received very little scholarly attention, children fathered by UN personnel (military and civilian) has been the focus on a range of follow-on projects of CHIBOW researchers and collaborators, leading, among others two SHHRC-funded projects based in Haiti and the DRC, and two AHRC-funded projects with emphasis on Haiti. The publication of initial results both in academic journals and The Conversation has led to engagement with the United Nations (Conduct and Discipline Unit and Office of Victims’ Rights Advocate) to maximise the impact of the research on policy and programming.

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