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Discussing the topic of children born of war at international conferences and on the media

Article by Oskars Gruzins

In addition to the many international meetings and conferences held, or participated in, by the entire CHIBOW network, Oskars has also presented his findings in Kiev (Ukraine), Philadelphia (USA), Kaunas (Lithuania), Leipzig (Germany), Perm (Russia) and Tartu (Estonia). In Latvia, Oskars has participated in several international academic conferences, presenting aspects of his research and findings at the University of Latvia, the University of Daugavpils and the University of Liepaja. He has also lead lectures on his project, the CHIBOW network, and EU international training networks with master’s students at the University of Latvia and for international students at the University of Daugavpils.

Yet, Oskars has also presented his research in non-academic settings. At the very beginning of his project, he discuss the topic of children born of war and the potential of his research in Latvia on the Latvian radio show, focused on history, “With Today’s Eyes.” 


Later, he participated in a public discussion titled “Between Glorification and Silence” at the newly built Latvian National Library. In March 2018, Oskars was honored by the University of Latvia as its researcher of the month; as a consequence, he was interviewed on his life story and project. Most recently, Oskars was interviewed by one of Latvia’s most widely circulated newspapers Latvijas Avize; in the full page interview, Oskars discuss the meaning of the topic for Latvian history and some of his findings thus far. Finally, due to his field research, Oskars has also uncovered some very important artifacts related to Latvian history. These findings, while not public information, as of yet, have the potential of raising greater interest in Oskars research and the work of the CHIBOW network.

Read the University of Latvia interview

Read the article on the Latvijas Aviye newspaper

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