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Supervisor to

Dr Elisa Van Ee  //

         Ethical Lead & Supervisor



Psychotrauma Center, Netherlands

Elisa van Ee holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology (Cum Laude), Child Science, and Law (Cum Laude). In 2006 she was registered as a ‘mental healthcare specialist’ and in 2010 she was registered as a clinical psychologist. In 2013 she defended her Ph.D. titled ‘A new generation, how refugee trauma affects parenting and child development’. 


She is affiliated with the Psychotraumacentrum Zuid-Nederland of Reinier van Arkel and has extensive clinical experience with war trauma and organized violence. She has served as a psychosocial expert for the International Criminal Court. 


Her clinical and research experience is combined in the development of a research into the effects of complex trauma on families, especially families in challenging circumstances. The aim of this research is not just to understand the effect of complex trauma on families, but to improve interventions and thereby to improve the wellbeing of these families.

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