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Supervisor to

Prof. Ivan Komproe  //



Utrecht University, Netherlands

Professor Ivan Komproe has studied Clinical Psychology (Cum Laude), Psychophysiology (Cum Laude) and Methods & Statistics of Social Sciences (1985, Utrecht University). He defended his Ph.D thesis ‘Social support for elderly women with cancer: helpful or harmful’ in 1995 at Utrecht University. Since 1996 has been Director of Research & Development at Healthnet TPO in the Netherlands. Since 2009 he has been Chair of Collective Trauma at Utrecht University, and is associate Editor at BMC Psychiatry, and been Research Coordinator at the Psychotrauma Centre, South Netherlands. 


His core areas of expertise are research (quantitative) methods, research designs, analyses of multisite, large and complex data sets (e.g. longitudinal data, nested data) and the implementation of research findings in the development, adaptation and implementation of mental health and psychosocial care systems within low-income and conflict-affected settings. Research expertise also covers the development and evaluation of interventions addressing the impact of organized violence, armed conflict and poverty on the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing at both individual and community levels during complex emergencies. He participates in large international research consortia as PRIME, EMERALD and is PI of several research projects (Mental health and GBV/SRHR) in Burundi, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bosnia.

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