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Long-term effects of children born of war rape in occupied Germany and Austria 

During her Masters studies Sophie worked at the department of Psycho- Oncology at Vienna’s General Hospital; supporting cancer patients by addressing their anxieties when facing medical therapies. During this time she also developed coping strategies with immigrants who were despairing of integration barriers, besides their somatic illness, and worked on the research project “Wartime Children” within the department of Psychology; an interdisciplinary study examining the current mental health status and prevalence of PTSD and lifetime traumatic events in Austria’s elderly with respect to WWII and subsequent occupation.


Sophie received the 2014 Research Award of the Austrian Crohn’s and Colitis Organization for her Masters thesis, which examined the resilience of people suffering inflammatory bowl disease. Sophie has also worked in Paris at the Université Rene Descartes, participating in the ERASMUS exchange program. 

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