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CHIBOW ESRs participate in 1st European Education Summit

CHIBOW ESRs Sophie Roupetz and Jakub Galeziowski travelled to Brussels in January 2018 to represent the network at the first ever European Education Summit, an event aimed at showcasing outstanding research and bringing stakeholders from NGOs, the public sector and academia together to share ideas.

Together with 15 other EU funded projects, Sophie Roupetz and Jakub Galeziowski, discussed the network and their individual research at the exhibition “The Ideas in Action”. Participants gained insight into how the ITN is organised and the value of being a PhD student and member of the programme. Media coverage of the event has been provided by the European Commission’s TV, including interviews with the ESRs (to be published on the website soon).

The Summit gathered more than 450 people from all over Europe, with ministers of education from 22 EU member countries, policy makers, teachers, educators and NGO’s workers engaged with educational projects. The European Commission set out its vision for how a European Education Area can be created by 2025 when the value of education is being recognized as an important and independent factor of the EU policy.

During the summit’s various panels, workshops and lectures, the key message was one of hope and aspiration; that great things are possible when states and societies invest in education.

“Education is key because it is education that equips us with the skills we need to become active members of our increasingly complex societies. It is education that helps us adapt to a rapidly changing world, to develop a European identity, to understand other cultures and to gain the new skills one needs in a society that is mobile, multicultural and increasingly digital” – wrote in the invitation letter Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, host of the Summit.

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