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CHIBOW researcher publishes an article on post-traumatic growth in prestigious international psychol

PhD researcher Saskia Mitreuter and Rahel Bachem from Tel Aviv just published a journal article in the highly renowned “Journal of Traumatic Stress”. The article is titled “Longitudinal development of primary and secondary posttraumatic growth in aging veterans and their wives: Domain-specific trajectories” and is the result of a very fruitful collaboration during Saskia Mitreuter’s secondment at Tel Aviv University with prof. Zahava Solomon. In the article, Bachem and Mitreuter investigate how post-traumatic growth (PTG) – the positive psychological transformations that follow traumatic events – develops over a course of three decades and with their results fill an important gap in internat

ESR receives a prize at the 52nd Biennial Meeting of German Historians

At the End of September, the University of Münster hosted one of the largest humanities conferences in Europe with about 3500 participants - the 52nd Biennial Meeting of German Historians. Within the conference more than 50 PhD students from universities in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Great Britain presented their research in form of a poster competition. Among them, the ESR Michal Korhel introduced his PhD project “Borderland Children: Czech-German Children in Czechoslovakia’s Politics and Society after the Second World War”. His presentation was awarded the second place. For more information (in German):

'Michiko' at the Ottawa International Animation Festival

The film ‘Michiko’, which was made in collaboration between University of Birmingham PhD researcher Kanako Kuramitsu and story artist Vivian Zhou from Sheridan College, Canada, tells the untold story of Michiko, who was born of a Chinese mother and a Japanese father during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) in China. The film screened at the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2018 as part of the Canadian Student Animation Competition. It was selected among submissions from across Canada to be screened together with 17 other films on September 29th and 30th, inside a theater in the National Gallery of Canada. Over the two day period, the film was screened to approximately 160 peopl

If we want people to say 'no more war' we have to show how brutal it is

In the following brief, ESR Eleanor Seymour and Prof Sabine Lee discuss their research of gender-based violence in conflict. __________________ In June 2014, to great fanfare, the then UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, and the Special Envoy to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie, co-chaired the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. With over 1,700 delegates from over 120 countries, the meeting was impressive, both in scale and in its ambition to ‘end the use of rape and sexual violence in conflicts around the world’, to hold to account those responsible and to work towards the prevention of sexual violence in conflict as a ‘critical’ element to ‘peace, securi

Children Born of War – The Story Told: Developing a Website on Sino-Japanese Children Born of War (C

The research that Rose Parkinson (MA Global History) undertook working with the Children Born of War team took her all the way to Germany and helped her to develop and enhance a range of very useful skills. Working as part of the Postgraduate Research Placement Scheme has given me numerous opportunities to develop professional and academic skills. As part of my project I worked with Prof Sabine Lee and doctoral candidate Kanako Kuramitsu on her research, and particularly a project about Michiko, a child born of the Second Sino-Japanese War. The research explored a previously untouched topic, the children born of consensual relationships during the war, as opposed to children born of violent

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