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CHIBOW Researcher completes Secondment at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Graz

Early Stage Researcher Lisa Haberkern, member of the European Union’s Marie Curie Initial Training Network “Children born of war – past, present and future project,” was seconded to the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Research on Consequences of War in Graz, Austria form the 11th September to the 11th October. The secondment was an opportunity for Lisa to further the methodological structure of her project thanks to the fruitful exchange with Barbara Stelzl-Marx, the networks director of research, fellow ESR Lukas Schretter as well as the other researchers at the Boltzmann Institute. Concentrating on the consequences of war the Institute furthered the understanding of postwar interment in Aus

CHIBOW members attend conference “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Unaccompanied Minor Refugees” in

From September 28th to 29th, prof. dr. Sabine Lee, PD dr. Heide Glaesmer, and ESRs Amra Delic and Saskia Mitreuter attended the conference “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Unaccompanied Minor Refugees” in Hanover, which was organized by PD dr. Heide Glaesmer, dr. Yuriy Nesterko, and dr. Susan Sierau from the University of Leipzig and funded by VolkswagenStiftung.´ Unaccompanied minor refugees belong to the refugees most in need of protection. Research has shown that unaccompanied minor refugees have often been subjected to discrimination and have often experienced difficult developmental or even traumatizing experiences before, during and after the flight. In this light, much more detailed

Crowdfunding Initiative to Establish a Trauma Centre in Lira, Northern Uganda

To support EACH and help fun their initiative to establish a Trauma Centre click here During her research stay in 2016, in Northern Uganda, ESR Sophie Roupetz started a collaboration with Empowerment Action for Community Health-Uganda (EACH), a local Non-Governmental Organisation serving needy communities through peace building and good governance. Her aim was to help them establish a trauma centre for victims of war. Trauma in Northern Uganda has resulted from the atrocities that occurred during the Lord’s Resistance Army conflict, lasting two decades and claiming many lives. War–affected people have been: ritually terrorised; sexually exploited and abused; forced to kill; and forced to wat

ESR participates in data analysis workshops

In the middle of September, ESR Nastassia Sersté and Professor Sabine Lee attended 2 workshops at Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada. The first workshop was about the data analysis on Vietnamese GI Children, which took place on September 11th and 12th, 2017. This project was already explained in previous articles wrote by Nastassia Sersté [link on researcher page to Canada 2016, US 2017 and VN 2017]. The second workshop was about the data analysis of the peacebabies project in Haiti, which took place on the afternoon of September 12th to 13th, 2017. These workshops were set up by ChiBOW partner Dr. Susan Bartels (Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada). Laurie Webster (pictured below) of

Eunice Apio launches novel at the Uganda Museum

Eunice Apio, human rights activist and the Executive Director of CHIBOW partner organisation, FAPAD, has launched her first novel in a prestigious event at the Uganda Museum. Her novel, Zura Maids, explores the experiences of victims of human trafficking, via the story of a young refugee girl taken from a refugee camp. It is through this narrative that Eunice Apio explores solutions, encouraging the reader to take this journey too. Apio’s novel is published in conjunction with a Femrite project, CKU Writing Caravan.

CHIBOW affiliate joins University of the Witswaterand in Johannesburg

Allen Kiconco PhD has accepted a postdoc research post at Wiswaterand University in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she will focus on enslavement, marriage and conflict in Africa, covering pre-colonial, colonial and contemporary times. Her research will contribute to a larger research project – Conjugal Slavery in War - directed by Professor Annie Bunting. The CHIBOW network wishes Allen every success in her exciting new role, and looks forward to working with her and the CSiW partnership on this important area of research

CHIBOW partner announces documentary TV programme on Children Born of War

SOO Foundation collaborates on a Japan Broadcasting Corporation TV program (NHK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai) on children born of war between Netherlands-Indies mother and Japanese father. The documentary program (Producer/ Director Mariko Kanamoto, Tsubaki Production) focuses on the historical background of the children born during/after the end of Pacific War in the former Netherlands East Indies (Present Republic of Indonesia), and the first reunion with their Japanese family. TV program title: “Chichi wo Sagashite -Nikkei Oranda jin no Owaranai Senso-“ (Search for Biological Father -the War without ending of the Netherlands Indies-Japanese War Children-) * Japanese language Channel: NHK BS

CHIBOW coordinator has book published on Children Born of War

In her new book Children Born of War in the Twentieth Century, Sabine Lee explores the life courses of children born of war in different twentieth-century conflicts, including the Second World War, the Vietnam War, the Bosnian War, the Rwandan Genocide and the LRA conflict. The book, published in August by Manchester University Press, is based on extensive archival research. Alongside this approach Lee used oral history and participatory research methods, enabling her to integrate the voices of children born of war throughout the historical analysis. for more information click here

Academics, Policymakers and NGOs come together to discuss Stigma and Children Born of War

Sabine Lee, CHIBOW ITN coordinator, participated in a workshop organised by LSE’s Centre for Women, Peace and Security, focused on addressing the policy gap on the subject of Stigma and Children Born of War. The workshop was organised in conjunction with the launch of the UK’s Principles for Global Action to Prevent and Address Stigma Associated With Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, and a blog on the principles can be read here. Other representatives from academia, policymaking and civil society present at the workshop included the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, save the Children, War Child, UNICEF, International Committee of the Red Cross, centre for Women War Victims and UN Office of th

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