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ESR reports on secondment in Vietnam

During April and May 2017, ESR Nastassia Sersté was in Vietnam for her Secondment. As already described in a previous article, she launched and managed the project coordinated by Prof. Sabine Lee and Dr. Susan Bartels about Amerasians who had remained in Vietnam after the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. Take the time to read below the fascinating experience of Nastassia Sersté in Vietnam. Preparation & Launch of the project After landing in Vietnam, Sabine, Susan, and Nastassia had a meeting with Lecturer Hang Truong of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, Department of Anthropology, to discuss the project. They talked about the training, the management, the budget and they organized

CHIBOW Early Stage Researchers participate in a conference on 'mixed families'

ESRs Kanako Kuramitsu, Nastassia Serste and Michal Korhel presented their research as well as the CHIBOW ITN at the conference „Power, Intimacy and the State. Mixed Families in Europe and Beyond“ at the University of Amsterdam. The aim of the conference was to stimulate academic and public debate on mixed families and mixedness in global perspective. Moreover it was a part of an emerging interdisciplinary network of academics of mixed intimacies and mixture in Europe and beyond. Within the panel on “Children Born of War” (CBOW) first Kanako discussed the legal aspect of interethnic marriage between Japanese men and Chinese women during and after the Second Sino-Japanese war as it was a key f

Early Stage Researcher meets with local NGO in northern Uganda

During his secondment in northern Uganda in April 2017, Early Stage Researcher Lukas Schretter worked with the recently established NGO "Empowerment Action for Community Health" (EACH Uganda). Lukas had the opportunity to interview the team of EACH Uganda and participated in their programs and activities, such as a community meeting in the Barlonyo village near Lira town. He also met former abductees of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and visited students at the Nancy School for the Deaf in Ireda in the district of Lira. About EACH Uganda EACH Uganda is a NGO operating in post-conflict northern Uganda. Promoting participatory development, good governance and human rights, its vision is "a h

Early Stage Researcher completes secondment at FAPAD, Uganda

End of April 2017, ESR Lukas Schretter finished his secondment at CHIBOW’s partner organisation "Facilitation for Peace and Development" (FAPAD) in Lira in northern Uganda. Founded in 2000 by three Ugandan natives, FAPAD launched operations in 2004 in response to the extreme violation of property rights of women and children in the Lango region, amidst other challenges brought about by the war between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan government. Following a cessation of hostilities agreement that was signed between the government forces and the LRA rebels in 2006, FAPAD continued in its efforts to build sustainable peace in northern Uganda and to facilitate empowerment of com

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