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CHIBOW partner announces documentary TV programme on Children Born of War

SOO Foundation collaborates on a Japan Broadcasting Corporation TV program (NHK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai) on children born of war between Netherlands-Indies mother and Japanese father. The documentary program (Producer/ Director Mariko Kanamoto, Tsubaki Production) focuses on the historical background of the children born during/after the end of Pacific War in the former Netherlands East Indies (Present Republic of Indonesia), and the first reunion with their Japanese family. TV program title: “Chichi wo Sagashite -Nikkei Oranda jin no Owaranai Senso-“ (Search for Biological Father -the War without ending of the Netherlands Indies-Japanese War Children-) * Japanese language

Channel: NHK BS1 (Japan) Date: 8 October 2017

Time: 22:00-22:50 (first program)

23:00-23:49 (second program)

* Japanese time +8 GMT

Program overview (Japanese)

Foundation for War Victims in the East: Japanese Archives and Contacts/Stichting Oorlogsgetroffenen in de Oost (SOO) is a non-profit organization established in 2012 in the Netherlands in order to make bridges between Japanese archival sources and academic institutes/ individuals in the Netherlands. Among various research projects, SOO foundation is engaged specially in the search for biological fathers of children born of Japanese fathers (military and civilian) and mothers from the former Netherlands East Indies (current Indonesia) during and immediately after World War Two.

Every search case receives legal support by renowned lawyer Mr. Hiroyuki Kawai and Philippines Nikkeijin Legal Support Center (PNLSC), who both are experienced in longtime support of Japanese descendants in China and Philippines. The SOO foundation holds workshops and academic symposiums, cooperates with museum exhibitions, publishes newsletters and creates database of Japanese POW cards (furyo meimeihyo) as well as arrangement of meeting with their Japanese family. The POW cards provide information regarding the members of Royal Netherlands Indies Army) and Netherlands Navy who were interned at Japanese POW camps in Asia during the war. The program may be broadcast with English subtitles in NHK International channel for the broader international audience in the future. email: website: Facebook:

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