ESR finishes secondment at the University of Leipzig

Kanako Kuramitsu, one of CHIBOW’s Early Career Researchers, based in the Department of History at the University of Birmingham, has just concluded her secondment with a team of CHIBOW researchers at the University of Leipzig. During her stay in Leipzig, Kanako gained insights from different disciplinary perspectives, experiencing firsthand one of the benefits of being part of a multidisciplinary network that aims to gain an in-depth understanding of the experiences of children born of war.

In a workshop led by Dr Heide Glaesmer, Kanako had the opportunity to share her initial findings, receiving valuable feedback from her colleagues. After the workshop, she spent time getting familiar with concepts and findings in psychology through academic works recommended by her colleagues. Kanako's secondment was further enriched by discussions she had individually with her colleagues on issues such as ethnic belonging, identity and migration. She will be conducting critical analysis of her interview results and will consider how to incorporate the insights she gained into her thesis once she is back in Birmingham.

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