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Congratulations to Barbara Stelzl-Marx, Awarded Austrian 'Scientist of the Year'.

Barbara Stelzl-Marx, Director of Research in the CHIBOW network, has been named Austrian "Scientist of the Year“ in 2020. The award has been granted this year for the 27th time by the Austrian Club of Education and Science Journalists. It honours the research of Barbara Stelzl-Marx as head of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Research on Consequences of War in Graz and Professor at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz.

Photo Courtesy of Roland Ferrigato

Barbara Stelzl-Marx studied history, Russian and English/American studies in Graz, Oxford, Volgograd and Stanford University, CA. In 2010 she finished her prize-winning habilitation in contemporary history. Throughout her research career, Barbara Stelzl-Marx headed several projects on World War II and its consequences. Her specialist fields of research are children of occupation after World War II, Soviet occupation of Austria 1945–1955, Cold War, Prisoners of War and forced labourers in the Third Reich and in the USSR, among others. Publications include the monograph “Stalins Soldaten in Österreich. Die Innenansicht der sowjetischen Besatzung” (Böhlau 2012) and “Besatzungskinder. Die Nachkommen alliierter Soldaten in Österreich und Deutschland“ (Böhlau 2015), which she edited with Silke Satjukow.

Congratulations on behalf of the CHIBOW network!

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