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CHIBOW research revisited at international symposium in Sacramento, California

On the 2017/2018 ESR Natsassia Sersté, combined a secondment in Vietnam with supporting a Wellcome Trust-funded research project led by network coordinator Sabine Lee and research partners Bob McKelvey and Susan Bartels, with results published in several papers over the last few years. On 7th July 2023, on the occasion of this year’s Annual Convention in Sacramento, Sabine Lee and Bob McKelvey joined a symposium organised by Kieu-Linh Valdaverde director of the New Viet Nam Studies initiative at UC Davis to report on some of the project’s findings.

On 8th July, Bob and Sabine spoke at the Annual Convention, at which the three most influential organisations supporting Vietnamese Amerasians in the US and Vietnam joined forces for more effective advocacy, research and support of Amerasians.

Amerasians Without Borders ( led by Jimmy Miller, Tim Lai ( under president Kieu-Linh Valverde and the Sea2C Foundation ( under Kirk van Tranh joined forces under one umbrella organisation called Amerasians now to maximise their impact in supporting Vietnamese Amerasians globally.


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