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ESR returns from secondment in Tel Aviv

Amra Delic, the EU researcher from the University Medizin Greifswald and Marie Sklodowska Curie ITN “Children Born of War: Past, Present and Future”, in November-December 2017 spent her PhD research internship at Tel Aviv University. She was supervised by Professor Zahava Solomon, a worldwide well-known scholar in the field of war-induced trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, and director of the Israeli Centre of Research Excellence (I-CORE) for Mass Trauma. During her stay in Israel, Amra also visited the Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, where she was hosted by professors Danny Brom and Ruth Pat-Horenczyk with an expertise in the fields of education, child trauma, community resilience, health and mental health care. A great opportunity for an exchange of experiences and learning was given to Amra. She presented her research work on the long-term consequences of war rape and leaving experiences of children born of war from Bosnia and Herzegovina, discussed the findings and received a valuable input for her manuscript in preparation from Professor Solomon and the colleagues from her research lab. The possibilities of future collaboration were also discussed.

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